GNRC Europe planning meeting in Porto – Portugal

The GNRC Europe Coordinator gathered with european GNRC collaborators to establish new strategic plan for 2012-2014 From March 29th to April 1st the European GNRC Coordinator met with representatives from 6 European countries where the GNRC is running activities. The aim of the meeting was to evaluate the work done by the GNRC in Europe during the last years and to make a new plan for 2012-2014. The participants came from Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Spain.

SWOT Analysis 

The discussions were oriented into three main lines: Ethics education, World Day of Prayer and Action for Children and New Initiative on Poverty. Some of the participants of the meeting attended the GNRC 4th Forum in Dar es Salaam (16th-18th June). The meeting allowed the participants to have a clear view of the challenges that the children were facing in the continent and the possibility to articulate efforts to improve the situation of children in their respective country.
During the last day of the meeting, the group came up with a new GNRC Europe Strategic Plan 2012-2014 that was presented with more details to other participants of the regional meeting during the GNRC 4th Forum.

GNRC Coordination team and National representatives

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