GNRC Lebanon Intent on Ending Poverty and Enriching Children

Fatka, Lebanon witnessed the GNRC AS Local Workshop for Children, in Preparation for the GNRC 4th Forum from 25- 26 February 2012. The Workshop that was entitled “Ending Poverty, Enriching Children” was attended by 30 Children and youth from five GNRC youth groups across Lebanon. Moreover, five participants came from Ain El-Hilweh Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon.

The participants were Muslims (Sunni and Shia’), Christians (Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Maronite), and Druze. They aged 14-17. The Workshop was held in Notre Dame du Mont, Fatka.

Poverty and its dimensions, unequal distribution of recourses, violence and wars, as well as bad governance were the themes the training was centered on. The children shared their realities in their regions across Lebanon and agreed on their recommendations and massage that will be entrusted to their delegate to present them in the GNRC 4th Forum in June 2012.

GNRC Lebanon Committee members and representatives of GNRC Member Organizations were present throughout the workshop, as well as five Chaperons of Children from different regions in Lebanon.

The two working days were facilitated by Miss. Hind Farahat with help from Sister Emiline Tanous and Mr. Elie Barrak, members of GNRC Lebanon Committee.




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