Media For Ethics Promotion-Animation Training Held In Zanzibar

GNRC Africaconducted an animation training workshop for children, teachers and educators to enhance their knowledge of using child-friendly media to promote ethics education and build peace. The training of trainers was carried outfrom 1st to 5th July 2007, in Zanzibar on the occasion of theZanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF).

Renowned animator trainer from Sweden, Erling Ericsson, facilitated the workshop in which eleven participants from Dar es Salaam, Unguja and Pemba attended. Theparticipants, some of whom are implementing the ‘Young Peace Ambassadors’ project, were drawn from the regions in
which Education for Peace Programme is being implemented.

  •  On the first day, the trainees learned how to create and work with a story board.
  • On the second day, the peace builders were trained on how to tell stories with words and pictures, and how to animate these with movement and sound.
  • During the third day, the trainees learned about animating cut-outs by moving them in the animation box, and recording frame-by-frame. The trainees then learnt about how to add sound to the film. Concrete plans for the future, and how to sustain the training were discussed after the workshop. 

  Negative and violent media has been blamed for increasingly aggressive and violent behavior by children and young people.

The Interfaith Council on Ethics Education for Children has in the past criticized the media for widely screening and broadcasting inappropriate programs and films to children. Most have been observed to be filled with violence and other inappropriate pictures for the young audiences.

 GNRC Africa, on its part realized the irrelevance of such programs, yet locally produced films and animation programs were possible. Easily and inexpensively produced programs to meet local demands are within reach with such technology. It is hoped that four schools in the Islands of Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland will be equipped with the tools and sets to produce animation programs by September 2007.

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