International Youth Peace Workshop Tanzania 2010, Day 2

Wednesday, January 27, 2010- The program of the 2nd day of the International Youth Peace Workshop started with a 30min meditation to prepare for the day and to gather all thoughts on the upcoming activities. After that, the participants gathered to re-think about the topics they discussed yesterday and the new experiences they have made. After a short briefing the participants split up in two groups: the Youth Leaders and the Youth.

During the morning the topic for the youth was “Acknowledge myself in relation to other’s beliefs”. With presentations, games and discussions, the Youth found out more about their own beliefs and how they shape their identity. After this, they discovered the other participants’ beliefs, the differences and similarities and reflected on their boundaries.
The Youth Leaders’ topic for the morning session was “Myself”. Just as the Youth they discovered the topic with different activities and presentations, answering questions such as ‘Who am I?’, ‘Who are you?’ and ‘Who are we?’.

In the afternoon, the Youth learned more about what is happening in the world, why violence exists and how it can be prevented: “Understanding conflicts, violence and injustices around me”. The participants not only learned basics about conflicts and conflict resolutions but could share their very own experiences with each other.
The topic for the Youth Leaders was split in to sections: “Our World – Discrimination, xenophobia, conflict and interculturation” and “Myself and the world – Interfaith and spirituality”. During this afternoon session they found out more about the roots of discrimination and conflicts and what role interfaith dialogue can play to overcome those issues.

In the late afternoon the participants went to the book launch of “Emusoi, Masai Girls tell their stories” by GNRC/Dogodogo Centre at the Norwegian Embassy, where some of the girls where present and the youth could experience traditional Masai dances. After the reception, the participants went back to the venue to observe a panel about “Transforming the world: our contribution – Sowers of Change: personal stories about peace activists.” The participants where Bishop Method Kilaini, Sr. Jean Pruitt, Ms. Dorit Shippin and Dr. Mustafa Ali. Agneta Ucko from Arigatou International was the moderator. The panelists shared experiences from their childhood, and how they became Peace Activists. The participating youth also got the possibility to ask questions.

To see pictures from the Workshop, check out the photo album!

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