GNRC Africa – World Day of Prayer and Action for Children celebrations in Dar-es-Salaam

GNRC – Africa celebrated the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children on the 20th November 2010, in harmony with the agreement stating its celebration, annually, on the UN Universal Day of Children. The World Day aims at bringing together religious and goodwill people to safeguard the integrity, rights and dignity of children and to promote and protect their rights.

This time, GNRC – Africa organized the celebration at Mnazi Mmoja Mashujaa Grounds, in Dar-es-Salaam. Similar to previous years, participants had the chance to re-affirm their commitment in working together to achieve internationally agreed goals for children. 3,000 school children from forty primary schools in three districts from Dar-es-Salaam participated in a march starting at Jangwani grounds and proceeding to Mnazi Mmoja, and lead by 60 Police Brass Band.

Following this year’s theme on “Exclusive Breastfeeding”, the Zanzibar participants read poems on the sustainability of breastfeeding. Jonathan, a student of Chango’mbe Primary School presented the children’s statement on breastfeeding, statement that had been decided during the forums preceding the event of the day. The winner of the children forums, Latifa Musa from Chang’ombe Primary School, was awarded with a school bag, counter books and a ball and received his prizes from the Guest of Honor, Mr. Julius Mdolla. Together with religious leaders, Mr. Julius Mdolla presented his stand on the importance of exclusive breastfeeding. T-shirts with imprinted messages taken from the Children’s Agenda were provided to the Zanzibar participants and all accompanying matrons and patrons. GNRC’s peace caravan group was able to report on its findings from the trip from Dodoma and the situation of children there.

The enthusiastic band was in charge with entertaining as well as educating on the importance of breastfeeding through a series of informative lyrics. An acrobatic group from the Kigamboni Community Centre also displayed its acrobatic talents for all members to enjoy. The day was also marked with a one minute silent prayer held at noon.

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