GNRC’s role in establishing the Convention of the Rights of the Child in Tanzania

In Tanzania, the Committee on the Rights of the Child in its concluding observations on the Country’s initial and periodic reports of the Convention of the Right of the Child (CRC) 2001 and its two optional protocols of 2006 and 2008 respectively, recommended for the state party to reinforce its efforts to ensure to have a comprehensive children’s code, which includes the convention provisions and principles with a view to enhancing a right based approach.In October 2009, representatives of GNRC Africa and members of our Peace Clubs attended the parliamentary consultations about the Bill of the Law of the Child Act. The participants were invited to discuss the issue and give recommendations with representatives of the government as well as other NGOs. Following this events, GNRC Africa is invited – along with other international NGOs, Civil Society Organizations and the Law Reform Commission – to participate in the workshop for stakeholders on the Bill of the Law of the Child Act. It will take place on October, 28th 2009 in Dodoma. The workshop is organized by the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children.Members of Peace Clubs will meet with Members of Parliament in Dodoma on October, 27th 2009 to exchange their ideas and recommendations about the Bill of the Law of the Child.

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