Consultation on Poverty and its effects on Children and Youth in Kenya, Uganda and Somalia, February, 2012

“Violent conflict is a major cause of poverty. Poverty also casused violence. IT is a vicious cycle.”

Held: Various – Kampala, Las Anod,  Baringo, Nairobi
Date: November 10th –February 8th , 2012
Time: 09 – 17:00 Hours
Number of participants: 700
Age group: 14 – 18 years

Religious communities represented – Christian, Muslim
Facilitators of the consultations – Dr. Dorcas Kiplagat, Sheikh Said Mohamed, Bishop Julius Chepsat, Said Abdalla, Joy Kemirembe, Asma Kanagwa and Jolly Opobo
Main topics addressed – Relationship between poverty and violence against children and children’s perspective on how to eradicate it.
Type of event – Forums, meetings and consultations

Violent conflict is a major cause of poverty. Poverty also casused violence. IT is a vicious cycle.
When parents cannot meet the needs of their children they react through insulting and physically abusing their children.
Children from poor families have not been able to perform well in school compared to those from more endowed families due to long absence from school and low concentration levels.
Number of Street children increases under circumstances of high poverty levels
Due to lack of protection street children suffer all forms of abuse.
Corruption in government has prevented children from accessing basic needs like health services, food, education etc

Quotations from children (translated in to English)
Brenda Anena (Gulu, Uganda)
I applied for funds to support my High school education from a funding institution, yet even with my exemplary performance of a First Grade, I did not succeed. It seems poor children are not listened to and no one speaks for them.
Ali Hassan Nune (Somalia)
I see other children wearing good clothes, I wish I could be like them but I have no parents to support me and even what to eat is a problem. Adults must try to stop wars because they affect innocent children.
Hosea Kiplimo (Kenya)
Drunkardness has made parents not to care about their children’s needs. Governments needs to help by burning alcohol intake.
Challenges – Limited time

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