Climate Change Declaration by the Peace Club Members of Tanzania

On behalf of the youth and children of Tanzania and Africa we are deeply perturbed by the impacts and causes of climate change on human and natural systems.

We reaffirm the fundamental relationship between human and natural systems.

We firmly support upholding principles of equity and human and eco rights in all processes of decision making and implementation of policies, laws and programs on climate change.

We recognize the extreme vulnerability of Tanzania to climate change and its low historical responsibility for the contribution of atmospheric greenhouse gases.

We appreciate the shared cultural heritage, common histories, geographical proximity and calling for a strong concerted community based, local, regional and global action.

We seek effective governance and management of resources that aligns effort to eradicate social injustices and combat disaster and displacement caused by climate change.

We believe in affective participation and negotiation by all countries, especially those most vulnerable, at the global level towards concrete solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

On behalf of the youth and children of Tanzania we are committed to:

a. Forming a youth and children network that will unite grass-root and country level movements across Tanzania.

b. Articulating and committing to region wide and country level strategies that will address climate change.

c. Conducting follow up events that will review progress made, plan future events and provide a venue for sharing ideas and inspiring each other.

d. Playing a major role in sensitizing the society, youth and children in particular, and disseminating information on climate change issues and raising awareness.

e. Creating a generation of youth and children who will lead a low carbon life style ensuring sustainability for inter generational equity.

and we strongly demand that the government of Tanzania should:

a. Develop innovative and efficient ways to reduce its CO2 emissions to prevent the damage of the ozone layer as well as to find new solutions to put a stop to acid rain
polluting the environment and affecting people’s lives worldwide.

b. Remain cognizant of the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and the need to take nationally appropriate mitigation measures but also lobby for advanced
developing countries inter alias India and China to take mandatory mitigation targets as well.

c. Move towards a low carbon economy through the support of developed countries in terms of grants in financing and technology transfer.

d. Ensure that the policies and programs of international funding bodies fully appreciate the grave nature of climate change and are climate sensitive.

      e. Include youths and children in all policy matters surrounding climate change and more specifically for the inclusion of youth and children representatives in the official
delegation to climate change negotiation. We also call on our government to endorse the inclusion of youth and children as a constituency to UNFCCC negotiations.
We would like thank:
Norwegian Church Aid for Funding
Alliance Francaise for providing the venue
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