Isiolo makes Its Stand Against Violence

World Day of Prayer and Action for Children was commemorated in Isiolo County, Kenya at Al-Falah Children’s Centre on November 21, 2015. There were 125 children in attendance, several religious leaders representing Christian and Muslim faiths and various religious institutions such as Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) and the National Muslim Leaders Forum (NAMLEF). A number of topics around the theme,” Stop Violence against Children” were presented by key speakers that included, meaning of violence against children and how to prevent it; coexistence and cohesion; discipline, good health and drug abuse in the society; religious tolerance and peace; and lastly, child labor. Apart from the talks, each child was given a deworming tablet accompanied by expert advice to parents on the importance of the process and how regularly it should be repeated. To cap it all, a tree was planted jointly in the peace garden to symbolize peace and environmental conservation.

 Isiolo3Students listen in diligently during the forum



 Participants and religious leaders planting a tree to mark peace

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