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A Special Prayer During the Interfaith Prayer With Children

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

Assalam Aleikum Warahamatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Fellow religious leaders and beloved children across the world,

May the peace be upon all of us.

Thinking of the situation we are in today reminds me of a historical situation that is documented not only in the Qur’an but also in other Holy books. The story of Prophet Musa (Peace Be Upon Him)

When Musa (Peace Be Upon Him) was leading the children of Israel from slavery and bondage in Egypt. He reached a dead end where no human power could help him…In front of him was the sea, behind him the enemy..Firaun (Pharaoh). The children of Israel at that point gave up, lost all hope. Their desperation is captured in the Qur’an 26:61 when Allah said, “And when the two companies saw one another, the companions of Musa said: ‘indeed we are to be overtaken.’”

But Musa answered in full trust saying, “No, indeed with me is my Lord, He will guide me,” and surely He did guide Him out of the desperate situation. Nabii Musa had his trust in God Almighty.

And in that story we have a great lesson to learn.

Today we as humanity are faced by a very difficult situation – an enemy in the form a small virus invisible to the eye that has brought the whole world to a standstill.

The result of the pandemic is that places of worship have been closed down, schools are closed down, and our movements restricted.

People continue to lose their source of livelihood.

People have lost their beloved ones due to the pandemic.

Whom do we run to? There is nowhere to run to except to our Creator.

The very idea of prayer is an expression of two things:

  • Acknowledging that there is power greater beyond our human ability and we are today turning to that power through this interfaith prayer. Oh Lord hear us, Rabbanah Taqabal Minnah.
  • Trusting like Musa (Peace Be Upon Him) did that God is able to deliver us no matter how desperate the situation is.

Ya Allah you have ordered us to supplicate; to you and you will answer our supplication. We hereby raise our hands towards you. Our Lord hear us.

Ya Allah, Creator of heaven and earth and all what is in between, we come to you with humility – tears in our eyes and sadness in our hearts. We know that you are a merciful and compassionate God so please have mercy on us. Have mercy on our children. Let them go back to school, let them go to the fields and play again, let our eyes hear their innocent laughter as they go to school/ madrassa.

Ya Allah have mercy on us; let the doors of our places of worship be flung open soon.

Ya Allah, you are the fountain of all knowledge and wisdom, grant our medics the wisdom to get a treatment. You have promised through your Holy Prophet: “For every ailment there is a treatment.” You are “the Shafie” cure the world from this virus.

Ya Allah you are the “Razzaaq” so give sustenance to all. Let no child go hungry during this period of the pandemic. Grant wisdom and sincerity to our leaders so that whatever measures they take will be in the best interest of all and particularly the children who are more vulnerable and stand to suffer more.

For those who have not been affected, protect them from the pandemic.

For those who have been affected Ya Arahma Rahimeem grant them quick recovery.

For those who have passed on, have mercy on them.

For those who have lost their beloved ones, give them comfort.

We trust that something good will come out of this situation.

And we thank you Lord for enabling to pray together not withstanding the distance.

Our lord, grant us what is good for us in this world. Grant us what is good in the hereafter.


Sheikh Ibrahim Lethome,
Secretary General, Centre for Sustainable Conflict Resolution, and Legal Advisor, Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims.


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