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Message from the GNRC Secretary General During the Interfaith Prayer With Children

Thank you Most Reverend Bishop Murray; Esteemed Religious Leaders; Children; Dear Friends.

THANK you for joining us in this inaugural interfaith prayer with children.

TODAY also happens to be the EARTH DAY.

These gifts—the EARTH, and the CHILDREN—are given to us by God.

OVER the last four months, the world has been shaken by the coronavirus pandemic.

The impact on socio-economic conditions, globally, is extraordinary.The streets are empty; Places of worship are empty; Schools are empty; CHILDREN will be among the most affected.

LONG before the coronavirus pandemic started, over one billion children were already suffering some form of violence every year.

TODAY, 1.5 billion children are out of school.

The pandemic has not only denied children time and opportunity to learn, it is also aggravating violence against children.

LIMITATIONS on movements of people, LOCKED DOWN populations, and CURFEWS, Are increasing family and social stress.

When stress goes up, children are more vulnerable than ever.

TODAY, we come before God, in prayer.

Together, our human family will emerge stronger, and in greater solidarity.

On behalf of Arigatou International, its Directors, and the GNRC Network, I want to thank the following partners for their cooperation:

  • The Bahá’í International Community
  • Centre for Sustainable Conflict Resolution
  • International Network of Engaged Buddhists
  • Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities
  • Islamic Relief Worldwide
  • International Dialogue Centre, KAICIID
  • New York Board of Rabbis
  • Pastoral da Criança
  • Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement
  • Shanti Ashram
  • United Religions Initiative, and many others.

In solidarity with each one of you, I thank you all for being here.

Mustafa Y. Ali, PhD
GNRC Secretary General, and
Director, Arigatou International – Nairobi.
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