Prayer for Peace to End Violence Against Children – GNRC Lebanon 

In response to the urgent call for prayer for peace in Israel and Palestine GNRC Lebanon and the Annas Linnas organized a prayer for peace

On November 17, 2023, in the heart of Zahle, Lebanon, on the sacred grounds of St. Elias Church, children, faith leaders, parents, and volunteers gathered for a prayer for peace organized by GNRC Lebanon and the Annas Linnas. Themed ‘Let us Unite and Pray Together,’ the event gave children a platform to express themselves and call world leaders to end conflicts and wars, a contributing factor to poverty and hunger. They expressed their solidarity with the children and victims of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. 

Fr. Abdo Raad, Coordinator, GNRC Lebanon, encouraged children to continue praying for their counterparts affected by the Israel-Hamas conflict. He urged leaders to call for a ceasefire, highlighting the focus of Annas Linnas on building a peaceful world for children.

Presiding over the ceremony, Fr. Francoise Kattoura made a poignant call for peace in the Middle East, especially between Israel and Hamas. He called those involved in war to set aside their differences and consider its profound effects on children and families. 

“In times like these, where the echoes of conflict seem to reverberate across borders, religions, and communities, our collective responsibility becomes more essential. Each one of us can contribute to the creation of a world where peace is not just a dream, but a reality.” – Mr. Humphrey Macharia, Programs and Network Coordinator, GNRC, emphasized collective responsibility in times of conflict. 

To express solidarity with the children of Palestine and Israel, each child at the event carried a rose and lit a candle. 

The event concluded with children signing a document that contained their plea to leaders for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, an end to violence, and alleviation of poverty among children.  

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