Seeds of Faith No. 2

April  2014   Issue No. 2

 Esteemed friends and members of the GNRC,

 It is my pleasure to share with you during another new year for the GNRC.

     Over the years, the members of the GNRC have shared a commitment to making the world a place where every child can enjoy not only the right to live, but also to thrive. 


Most of you may be aware, last year was a transition year for the GNRC as we worked on moving the secretariat to Nairobi, Kenya from Tokyo, Japan. I want to thank you all for working with us in ensuring the success of this major shift. As we embark on another phase, I look forward to a more revitalized network that is committed to propel our vision—bettering the lives of children across the globe.
    The distressing current political and religious score-settling conflict that has displaced up to half a million people living in the Central African Republic capital, Bangui, is still taking place. In Syria, children continue to carry most of the burden of the violent conflict. In Nigeria, South Sudan, and countless other locations, children continue to pay steep prices for wars and conflicts they never started, nor are party to.  In the context of on-going insecurity and violence in many parts of the world, children—the most vulnerable—have been left to feel the wrath of the conflicts as their basic needs such as food, health and education cannot be met, let alone adequate assistance for the distress and mental trauma they are facing.
    I call on all religious leaders and the interfaith community to get involved in combatting violent extremism and all other forms of violence that directly affect children. I welcome others who serve the same purpose as we do—to increase your efforts and make a difference. Children are indeed the gem of every community and safeguarding their rights is a calling that we must all embrace, and commit to.
    I would also like to welcome you to participate by writing, reflecting with the rest of the GNRC Members and friends around the world, about what you are doing, however small, in caring for our children. For more details on how you can participate, visit our website on

Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali,
Secretary General,
Global Network of Religions for Children

Latin America
Latin America   Learning to Live Together Ethics Education Workshop  – El Salvador – Let our Dreams of Peace Become True!

A group of young people and adults with different experiences working with children and youth in violent contexts, participated in the Ethics Education Training Workshop held in Ayagualo (El Salvador), from 19 to 23 January 2014. Read More


Africa   Expanding the Global Network of Religions for Children

A meeting was held in Nairobi, Kenya to welcome field workers within the Sub Saharan Africa region to become a part of the Global Network of Religions for Children.
The Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC) held the first of a series of meetings that will take place in different regions across the globe, where the network is present. Read More.

GNRC Participates in Conference on Immunization and Religions
African conference  
The Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC) was represented at the conference by Secretary General Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali.
The GNRC will be actively engaged at the grassroots level in the implementation of the strategies agreed on at the Dakar Conference. Read More

Children in Extreme Poverty
Dandora YouTube   Life at Dandora Dumpsite

The Dandora dumpsite is located in Nairobi Eastlands area. No one should live in the dumpsite. But due to extreme poverty, children and families live off the dumpsite. Children’s rights are violated there. View Video

The GNRC and Interfaith Initiative to End Child Poverty Partner with Child Poverty Solutions in India
Child poverty   The GNRC and the Interfaith Initiative to End Child Poverty have partnered with Shanti Ashram to unite the young people of India to challenge child poverty.

The new India Poverty Solutions project got started in Coimbatore and plans to bring together nearly one million volunteers from all the major faith traditions of India to work hand in hand to bring about effective yet simple solutions to child poverty and child marriage.




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