Meet the GNRC Bhutan Contact Person

Prioritizing the Holistic Development and Well-being of Children 

Mr. Phurba Sonam Waiba is a civil servant who works for the Department of Employment and Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment, Royal Government of Bhutan. He is a passionate social worker, writer, and researcher who has been involved in various projects for children’s rights and well-being, and is the founder of the Youth Society for Social Service (YSSS).  

Mr. Waiba was inspired to work for children having realized the need to address the issues of abuse and violence against children and the satisfaction derived from the smiling faces of the little ones. 

He joined the GNRC in 2017, through the Reducing Violence Against Children (RVAC) project. He has since worked collaboratively with other GNRC members and implemented several initiatives; The Care Wear Team, Children Covid Engagement Programs, Workshops, Awareness & Sensitization Projects, and the Children Poverty Solution for The Well Being of the Children.  

His collaboration with the GNRC has transformed the lives of the children and youths he engages with, by helping in the provision of essential psychosocial support, fostering a sense of belonging and personal growth. The programs he has been involved in continue to enhance the children and youths’ emotional well-being, deepen their awareness of their rights and responsibilities, and equip them with valuable life skills. Additionally, the GNRC’s emphasis on interfaith cooperation and values-based education has helped cultivate understanding and peaceful coexistence. This contributes to a more harmonious and inclusive society, aligning with Bhutan’s development concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH). 

Bhutan places a strong emphasis on education and healthcare, but some challenges remain; access to quality education in remote areas, access to digital educational materials in certain areas, child violence, abuse, and neglect.  

Mr. Waiba envisions a Bhutan that prioritizes the holistic development and well-being of children, where their rights are upheld, their voices amplified, and an environment where they can flourish, contribute, and lead fulfilling lives. Continued efforts are needed to ensure comprehensive child protection and development programs reach all corners of the nation. 

“I envision a world that provides Bhutanese children with quality education—equipping them with tools to succeed in an ever-changing world, guaranteed adequate healthcare and nutrition—promoting their physical growth and mental health, and nurtured interfaith and intercultural understanding—fostering tolerance and cooperation among diverse groups.”  

~ Mr. Phurba Sonam Waiba 

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