Listening and Offering Guidance to Children in Isiolo, Upper Eastern Kenya

Led by Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali, the Secretary General of the GNRC, the GNRC team visited the secular and madrassa classes, the children orphanage and the mosque in Isiolo, North Eastern Kenya on November 4, 2015.

Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali (right) inspecting the scout guard of honour

The team also visited the Al-Falah Centre in Isiolo, one of the biggest educational hubs in the county. The team had a chance to talk with Al-Falah students, offering guidance, advice and teachings.


Students at Al-falah Educational Centre

The team also had a chance to meet with the teachers of the institution and religious leaders from the area. They were able to get a sense of what the school’s curriculum was like, how the children performed and the children’s opinion towards the learning program and performance. The GNRC visitors also got a chance to learn the culture of Isiolo community in relation to peace and development of a child.


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