Themes for Third Forum Decided

The themes, program, and other key aspects of the Third Forum were determined at the recent meeting of the GNRC Third Forum Organizing Committee held July 12-13 in Geneva, Switzerland. The main theme of the Forum, which emphasizes the need for humility and cooperation among people of faith, will be:LEARNING TO SHAREValues, Action, Hope

In addition to the usual sessions to plan regional action, discussion groups at the Forum will address the following three thematic concerns:

  • The Ethical Imperative to End Violence against Children
  • The Ethical Imperative to Ensure that No Child Lives in Poverty
  • The Ethical Imperative to Protect the Earth

All three thematic areas will include attention to the ethical dimension, to complement the global launch of the Toolkit for Ethics Education through Interfaith Learning. The Forum will also feature a report from the major GNRC-UNICEF study, “Children in World Religions.”

The program for the Forum is designed to ensure ample room for discussion and planning in small groups. Each of the three thematic areas will be divided into sub-themes for detailed consideration by the participants. The program also provides opportunities for cross-fertilization between the different thematic concerns. In addition, there is time set aside for prayer as well as visits to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and the ruined dome that still stands at atomic ground zero. Young people and adults will, as always, participate as equals in the Forum.

Ready to take a stand for the children of the world? Hiroshima is the place to be in May 2008!

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