Sri Lankan GNRC Team Meets Sarvodaya District Coordinators

“talk ethics”

The Sri Lankan GNRC Team met the Sarvodaya District Coordinators and the Social Programe Coordinators of Hambanthota, Trincomalee, Wellawaya and Ratnapura at the Sarvodaya Headquarters in Morauwa on the 19 December 2007.

The intention of the meeting was to give a clear picture of the entire process of GNRC’s approach for ethics promotion. Details about objectives of GNRC, and the South Asia Regional Secretariat, the activities happening in the region, The Third Forum (May 2008), The Ethics Promoting Campaign and its objectives and the activities proposed to be held in Sri Lanka were well given to them.

Another intention was to sensitize them and to make sure that they give their maximum support and cooperation to the children’s groups once they’re formed.

The District Coordinators pledged their support and accepted to host the initial set of childrens camps on the following dates;
District   Date
Wellawaya  : 11 to 13 January 2008
Hambanthota  : 25 to 27 January 2008
Ratnapura  : 1 to 3 February 2008
Trincomalee  : 15 to 17 February 2008
The entire process in can be shown in a nut shell as follows;
The Initial Children’s Camp in all four Districts
Age group: 10 and 15

No. of children: 60 from each District
Background: members of Singithi Haula + children with leadership qualities / to be identified at different levels of the district.
Camp venue: preferably at a school
Cross section: Children across the district

     ► Children’s Campaign committee in all four Districts, Exchange Programmes and the Ethics Promoting Campaign

No. of children: 16 from each District

These Children will work closely with the Sarvodaya District Centers and the National Committee based in Nagarodaya Center

Children’s Presenting the Report of the Campaign to His Excellency the Executive President and at the GNRC Third Forum

No. of children: 16 from each District

These Children will work closely with the National Committee based in Nagarodaya center for documentation and other activities

To see the report in English or Sinhala
email us at for more information about the Sri Lankan Ethics Promoting Campaign


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