Special Logo Designed in Honor of Fourth Forum by GNRC Africa Youth

Emmanuel Mathias N’humba grew up with GNRC Africa over the last decade, participating as a youth in many of the Peace Club activities and representing Tanzania’s Dogodogo Centre Street Children Trust at the UN Special Session on Children in 2001. As a young man now, he is part of the core team preparing for the GNRC Fourth Forum to be held in Dar es Salaam 16-18 June 2012. Most recently, at his own initiative, he put his considerable artistic talents to use to design this special logo in honor of the Fourth Forum.

We asked Emmanuel to describe the rich symbolism of the logo:

“Let me start with the big gold circle. This introduces a new dawn, since the Fourth Forum is making new history for the GNRC, a new beginning for us to respond to poverty. There is a Child blowing a horn. In Africa and other parts of the world, the horn has been used for many things: here it appears as a symbol of an official call to action. People respect animals with horns, and the sound of a horn as an instrument is also respected for its uniqueness. From the top of the horn emerge waves of sound, which look like a mobile phone SSR sign, showing that a message is being sent. Below the Child blowing the horn, there are two C-shaped strokes which give the Child a place to rest. At the same time, the Fourth Forum is all about “C” words that come into play when fighting Child Poverty: children, communication, change, corruption, commitment, communities, citizens, challenges, capacity and so many more. The C shapes in the logo stand for all these words of determination to take action to change the future of the world, to end the fear caused by child poverty. Below that is a numeral “4” to recall the flow of the GNRC forums so far, which also starts the word “Forum,” to add definition to the logo. If you look carefully at the whole logo and focus on the black areas, it looks like a satellite dish. The people of the GNRC are going to act like a powerful broadcast media to transform the lives of African children and the rest of the world, to end child poverty and form a universal brother- and sisterhood of humankind.”

Read more from Emmanuel about his involvement with the GNRC in the GNRC 10th Anniversary Newsletter. “So we, the youth and children of the GNRC, were also responsible to make some promises…”

Visit the main GNRC Fourth Forum web page for all the resources you need.

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