South Africa Holds 2nd Peace Forum

GNRC–South Africa in partnership with Mavela Ikhaya Project and Religions for Peace organized the 2nd Peace Forum in Kwazulu Natal on 18th May 2019 and Durban on 20th May 2019. Forty eight (48) participants including children, young adults and mothers attended the forum in Mavela Ikhaya Project, Kwazulu Natal; while forty two (42) students from Holy Family College, St. Francis College, Overport Secondary School, New Forest High School attended the Durban Forum. Dr. Shakira Cassim of Islamic Medical Association of South Africa graced both events.

The forums aimed at empowering the youth and children by imparting values and skills through Learning to Live Together (LTLT), pioneered by Arigatou International’s Ethics Education for Children. The LTLT education program, facilitated by Ms. Saydoon Nisa Sayed, LTLT International Trainer, Ms. Philly Gumede, Youth Coordinator, Mavela Ikhaya Project, and Mr. Mark Naicker, Youth Coordinator, KZN Inter-Religious Youth Council, nurtured values and spirituality in the participants to enable them to learn to live together in diverse societies.

Tools such as media, discussions, question and answer sessions and story-telling among others, were used to help participants develop critical thinking, respect for people of other cultures and nurture the sense of belonging to a global community.

The world’s most widely ratified human rights treaty in history, the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), was discussed during the meeting. It was mentioned that the CRC has inspired governments to change laws and policies and make investments so that children can get amenities such as health care and nutrition to survive and thrive in life.

It is expected during the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 20th November this year, that world religious leaders and spiritual traditions will reaffirm their commitment to protect the rights of all children across the world, to be free from discrimination, violence and neglect.

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