Sensitizing Children to be Champions in Containing COVID-19

GNRC through its member Restoring and Empowering Communities (REC), is sensitizing and engaging children in Uganda on safety measures during COVID-19 including psychosocial support.

REC trained youth and children on ethics education, how to use Arigatou International resources on responding to COVID-19, and observing guidelines from World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and Ministry of Health Uganda (MOH). The trainings were to build the capacity of the youth and children to sensitize their community on how to prevent the spread of the pandemic including physical and social distancing, and maintaining hand hygiene. They would also share with the community hotlines and child helplines that they could use incase of an emergency or child rights violation.

GNRC Member Ms. Nageeba Hassan will continue to offer psychosocial support to children and individuals in the context of the pandemic and its associated effects such as Gender Based Violence (GBV). She will also continue to promote positive parenting. The initiative targeted 30 homes and families in its initial reach. Info-graphics, community radios, Short Message Service (SMS), and social media would be used to reach out. Faith, cultural, local council, women and youth leaders will also be engaged in sensitizing and reaching out to the community. The effort will contribute to the national response on #COVID19 and promote a safe and resilient community against the #pandemic.

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