DR Congo: Responding to COVID–19

In responding to the global call to contain COVID-19, GNRC member in DR Congo, Bureau d’informations, Formations Échanges et Recherches pour le Développement (BIFERD), is working with African Rescue Vision (ARV) and the Medical Department of the Community of Baptist Churches in Eastern DR Congo (55th CEBCE) to equip the community with proper knowledge on ways to prevent infection and spread of the virus.

BIFERD has developed a 3 months plan to respond to COVID-19 from April to June 2020 in urban and rural settlement of the country. The activities include sensitization, practical examples on maintaining hygiene and provision of detergents and facemasks to the underprivileged communities, among others. BIFERD also participates in COVID-19 awareness meetings organized by UNICEF and Ministry of Health.

Additionally, BIFERD is exploring sustainable ways to protect children, youth, pregnant women, the elderly and people living with disabilities against the risk of contracting the virus. The organisation plans to work with faith communities to promote peace and harmony during the self-isolation period at homes. It also plans to coordinate with teachers and the ministry of education on ways to keep children engaged and support their learning at home.

Currently the organization is offering free lessons to the community on making homemade sanitizers, soaps and facemasks. It also aims to distribute hand-washing facilities to the unprivileged communities. BIFERD plans to reach more than 5,000 people during this period.

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