Limiting the Spread of COVID-19: A Humanitarian Response

In an effort to contain COVID-19, GNRC member Dr. Fozia Alvi through Humanity Auxilium, a medical organization based in Canada, has been educating healthcare personnel in Bangladesh on how to stay safe during the pandemic.

Dr. Fozia Alvi, President, Humanity Auxilium, and member of the GNRC, has been training the medics on treating possible COVID-19 patients specifically the Rohingya refugees in their camps in Bangladesh. The organization is also distributing surgical masks, gowns, and soaps among other essentials to limit the spread of the virus.

About Humanity Auxilium
Humanity Auxilium is a registered charity in the USA and Canada, that works to improve living conditions in refugee camps around the world by providing Education, Health and Relief.

Over the years, Humanity Auxilium has been conducting a variety of initiatives that pertain to medical and health. Dr. Alvi herself leads and oversees this initiative.

Humanity Auxilium is currently working in rural Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar to provide better and round the clock accessible medical health care services for the vulnerable especially women and children. The organization has also been assisting Syrian refugees in asylum countries.

How you can get involved
There are several ways you can get involved with Humanity Auxilium’s mission. Physicians may sign up for training sessions and medical relief trips once conditions permit, you can donate to the underprivileged refugees, and you can spread awareness.

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