Launch of Nepal Poverty Solutions


GNRC Member in Nepal, Peace Service Centre, formally launched the 2nd Phase of the Nepal Poverty Solutions in Dang, the western part of Nepal with a series of activities being conducted from 26th – 29th August 2019. The Peace Service Centre had initially implemented the Nepal Poverty Solutions in Katmandu in 2018 which was inspired by the International Practicum for innovative solutions to End Child Poverty, a children-led initiative to end child poverty. The Director of Arigatou International – End Child Poverty, Rev. Fred Nyabera, graced the event. Rev. Nyabera was accompanied by the Manager, End Child Poverty Knowledge Centre in Sri Lanka, Ms. Kavitha Vijayaraj.

During the inauguration GNRC–Nepal Program Coordinator, Ms. Kriti Giri Yogi, shared that the initiative was a step towards Nepal tackling its poverty problem. She shared that the goal of GNRC–Nepal is to replicate the project in schools with an aim to ensuring the project is children-led.

Participants had an opportunity to visit the Peace Service Centre to learn about the projects initiated by the centre including women’s empowerment programs such as entrepreneurship skills for womem and empowerment of children and youth in ethical and leadership values. The projects, which Peace Service Centre has championed, has reached more than 500 children across Nepal from impoverished backgrounds.

Rev. Nyabera commended the efforts of India Poverty Solutions in preventing extreme poverty and shared that the children-led Nepal Poverty Solutions demonstrated promising future in its effectiveness to end child poverty through saving and community service. “At Arigatou International we believe in listening to children’s voices and their active participation,” he added.

Rev. Nyabera, Ms. Vijayaraj and Ms. Yogi also participated in a radio talk show on Swarga Dwary FM where they shared the significance and objectives of Arigatou International – End Child Poverty initiative in Asia, the inauguration of the Nepal Poverty Solutions in Dang and the importance of faith communities working together to create a better world for children.

Poverty Solutions is Arigatou International – End Child Poverty’s 3rd pillar which seeks to strategically work with partners to mitigate child poverty  and extreme poverty through offering flagship programs that can be replicated in other countries as best practises. The focus of the 3rd pillar is empowering women caregivers. Currently the program has been replicated and endorsed in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Nepal and End Child Poverty plans to expand it further.

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