In Panama the GNRC and the Augustinian College organize interfaith tour with 60 teenagers.

On May 9, 2014 the GNRC and the Augustinian College of Chitré conducted an intefaith tour with 60 adolescents of the Augustinian College located in the province of Herrera, in the central part of the country.

The adolescence aged 15 and 16 visited 5 sacred temples of the City of Panama: the Episcopal Cathedral of San Lucas, the  Catholic Church of Don Bosco, the Greek Orthodox Cathedral, the Hindu Temple and the Israeli Kol Shearith Synagogue. 

The main objective of the visit was to discover the diversity and richness of the  Catholic, Episcopal, Greek Orthodox, Hindu and Jewish religions.

The teenagers were received by the religious leaders of of the faith communities and were introduced to their religions. They discussed about the relation between religions and about how each religion conceives and works for peace and respect for diversity. The interreligious dialogue was an opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas and experiences. 

At the end of the day the adolescents showed their appreciation for the experience and commited to be more respectful topeopleof other faiths and to value the richness of diversity without resorting to prejudices.

The religious leaders who spoke to the 60 teenagers were: Father Walter Smith, Isis Navarro, Father Hector Quirós, Dr. Ermolaos Antoniadis and Rabbi Gustavo Kraselnik.

The activity was possible thanks to the generous support and contribution of the Augustinian College and the Orthodox Church.

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