GNRC Youth activities in Bosnia

GNRC Youth activities in Bosnia

On JUNE 4th, Representatives of the GNRC Youth groups from Bosnia and Herzegovina got together with the GNRC Youth Coordinator for a first informal meeting to update each other in their work, developments in their country and at the Secretariat, and future plans. They were acquainted with the new structure of the GNRC and collaboration between youth groups provenient from different regions of Bosnia & Herzegovina was stressed.

The GNRC BIH youth groups are formed by enthusiastic, commited and knowledgeable young people  with backgrounds as varied as finance, psychology, economics, engineering and theology. They repersent different regions in BIH, belong to major faith communities in Bosnia, and are atached to interfaith initiaves and organizations. They bring their expertise together for the benefit of children and other youth.

Keep an eye on their futures projects!

GNRC Youth BIH, “Peace Begins with Me” Workshop

On June 6th, the GNRC Youth volunteers from BIH organized and conducted a workshop during the international Sarajevo Peace Event. The workshop, titled “Peace begins with Me”, took place at the Hotel Grand in Sarajevo, and highlighted Arigatou International’s initiatives, the work of the GNRC around the world, as well as welcomed visitors from international organizations for experiential reflections on peace building. It was also a great opportunity for networking and meeting like-minded organizations and individuals.

The workshop was divided into four ‘stations’, with a presentation to getting acquainted with the work of the GNRC and the other initiaves of AI, a Mandala and meditative section, a discussions and brainstorming session, and other hands-on activities such as creating inspiring messages within paper cranes that adorned a Peace wall.

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