GNRC Pakistan Holds First Committee Meeting

On 30th March 2022, GNRC Pakistan Member, Search For Justice, organized an orientation and planning meeting for the newly-formed GNRC Pakistan Committee. In attendance, were representatives from other organizations including, UNICEF–Pakistan and the Child Advocacy Network (CAN) Pakistan, among other grassroots partners. Representatives from the Pakistani government also attended.

Co-Coordinator of GNRC Pakistan and Director for Search for Justice, Mr. Iftikhar Mubarik, informed members that the essence of the meeting was to realign joint efforts to promote the rights and well-being of children in the country; and to develop and strengthen a committee that would structure and coordinate their work. He added that one of the key goals for the GNRC in 2022 was to reinvigorate and strengthen its networks currently in 61 countries.

Members likewise expressed their enthusiasm and support for a GNRC Pakistan Committee. They expressed hope that the committee would further strengthen their work and common vision for children in the country and the region. Members thanked the GNRC for its support of their efforts, particularly in addressing violence against children and influencing policies that protect children and young people.

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