GNRC Members in Nepal commemorate International Day of Peace

May Peace Prevail in us: Inner Peace; Outer Peace!

This year, the International Day of Peace, which is observed around the world on 21st of September, was marked with various programs running for a week with the active initiation of Shanti Sewa Ashram (Peace Service Center). The slogan was The Right of Peoples to Peace.

Some of the activities that took place include; the launch of the book “Stolen”, at Shanti Sewa Ashram written by Jerry Piasecki who is currently working with the UN for global peace education, an inauguration ceremony of Airtime Project among Nepal, Australia and Muhammad Ali Center where the children would be participating for creative writing, an interaction program held at Shanti Sewa Ashram where students of grade eight from Hindu Vidyapeeth-Nepal interacted with mothers from a Women Study Club.

UntitledMembers of HVP Peace Club and Volunteer Club held an awareness program with the school students and formed a board where they shared about Peace. The main speaker and facilitators were members from the Universal Peace Federation (Mr Piya Ratna), Bahai Center Nepal (Mr Narendra Pandey), Religions for Peace Nepal (Mrs Indira Manandhar) and Guru Chintamani Yogi.

Youth Society for Peace coordinated thoughts of Youth program where youth discussed about the various reasons and step forward to be taken to control mind and body for inner peace.

52Other activities that were carried out at schools, Children’s Peace Home’s and Hindu Vidyapeeth Nepal Dang were; Peace Poetry, essay writing and painting.
In addition, Guru Chintamani Yogi chaired the program of Kalika Devi School and Sunrise Orphanage where children and teachers were happy to receive message of truth, love, peace, selfless service and non-violence. He has been interviewed in various FM stations and television for the relay of world peace.

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