GNRC Member involved in the fight against polio

A religious sect in Naivasha, Nakuru County in Kenya who are normally identified by their white turban for men and a headscarf for women. It is one of many religious groups living in Kenya that are resistant to the use of modern medicine including immunization campaigns in Nakuru County. Sen. H.Kipchumba(Polio Amb.) and Dr. C. Mandlhate (WHO Rep) during the national polio campaign launch in Naivasha

Sen. Kipchumba, a GNRC member, took this message of ‘fighting polio by allowing children to take vaccines’ to a Church in Kinamba, Naivasha, Nakuru County. He recommended that programs targeting the resistant groups should be continuous and frequent dialogue forums be encouraged among stakeholders so as to provide a feeling of inclusion amongst the refusals.

“Polio programs should be tailored to address specific concerns of the various groups targeting the leaders and the community “gate-keepers”. Healthcare workers and volunteers should be trained on persuasive communication skills and other advocacy approaches so as to make it is easy to reach out to the refusals and resistant groups.” Said Sen. Kipchumba.

As part of his work to ensure all children are immunized against Polio, Sen. Kipchumba is moving literally from door to door to ensure this happens. And in commemorating DPAC this year, Sen. Kipchumba advices that time, patience and tolerance is key to unlocking these group of people. There is need to put more in data documentation and communication, and educate them on the need to ensure children get timely vaccinations.

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