GNRC holds it’s second regional meeting in Bosnia, Sarajevo

GNRC Regional Meeting for Coordinators and Contact Persons-Europe

A meeting organized by the GNRC took place from the 6th to 8th of June in Bosnia & Herzegovina at the Bosnia Hotel, Sarajevo.


The Secretary General of the GNRC; Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali, Network and Programs Manager of the GNRC; Belall Maudarbux and GNRC Youth coordinator; Miriam Rubino attended and moderated some of the sessions in the meeting. Other participants were as follows: The sub-regional Coordinator of Eastern European countries; Laura Molnar, contact persons from Spain, Croatia, Moldova, Serbia, Portugal and Bosnia & Herzegovina, and three GNRC Youth members from Bosnia & Herzegovina.  


During the meeting, the Programs & Network Manager emphasized on the importance of working with Children and Faith communities. He also discussed with participants about how they can engage in the International Day of Eradication of Poverty (IDEP) on the 17th of October in support of one of Arigatou International’s initiative; End Child Poverty.


The active youth in Bosnia had several proposals on how they can increase their participation with Children’s work – which include: activities and advocacy work, helping flood victims and occasional training’s that touch on the lives of children.
On the last day of the meeting, the GNRC team and the youth had an open-air discussion about the values, challenges and future networking of members of the GNRC. In addition, a meeting was held with Pax Christi board on future collaboration and mutual assistance to enhance each other’s activities.
The meeting concluded with the urgency of having an online discussion with members in Europe about the mission, vision and core values of the GNRC in context of its development plan.
A local partner Youth for Peace (YFP) hosted the meeting with Daniel Eror a GNRC youth for Bosnia & Herzegovina and Chairman of YFP taking the lead under the supervision of Bosnia coordinator Mrs. Ismeta Begic.

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