GNRC Fourth Forum Theme and Sub-Themes Decided

The GNRC Fourth Forum Organizing Committee met in Caux, Switzerland on October 27-28 to continue developing the plans for the Fourth Forum, to be held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on June 16-18, 2012. After a process of receiving input from around the globe, the Committee decided upon the main theme for the Forum, which will be: "Ending Poverty, Enriching Children: Inspire. Act. Change." Building on the main theme, the three subthemes used to organize the discussions and activities at the Forum will be:

1. Unequal Distribution of Resources: Giving  Every Child a Fair Chance
2. Poor Governance: Building Partnerships to End Corruption
3. War and Violence: Stopping Violence against Children

The approved concept note for the GNRC Fourth Forum will be available here shortly. Check back soon!

The Organizing Committee members are:

  • Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali, Chairman, GNRC Fourth Forum Organizing Committee, and Secretary General, African Council of Religious Leaders, Africa Representative, Religions for Peace International, and GNRC Coordinator for Africa
  • Mr. Atsushi Iwasaki, Secretary General, GNRC
  • Mr. Abubakar Francis, Member, International Islamic Council for Information, and Secretary General, GNRC Fourth Forum
  • Sr. Jean Pruitt, Chair, GNRC Fourth Forum Hosting Committee
  • Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, GNRC Coordinator for South Asia
  • Ms. Marta Palma, GNRC Coordinator for Europe
  • Ms. Mercedes Roman, GNRC Coordinator for Latin America
  • Rev. Prof. Dr. Qais Sadiq, GNRC Coordinator for Arab States
  • Ms. Evi Guggenheim-Shbeta, GNRC Coordinator for Israel
  • Ms. Linda King, Chief of Section, Division for the Promotion of Basic Education, UNESCO
    Mr. Stephen Hanmer, Civil Society and Parliamentary Specialist, Programmes, UNICEF Headquarters
  • Mr. Filipe Furuma, Policy Officer (NGOs Social and Economic Development), Interfaith, African Union Commission
Also appreciated was the attendance at the meeting of Ms. Frederike Seidel, Programme Manager on Child Rights Education, UNICEF Geneva.

The Organizing Committee is also supported by:

GNRC Fourth Forum Secretariat

  • Ms. Elizabeth Mwase, Program Manager, GNRC Africa
  • Ms. Joyce Mushi, Administrative Secretary, GNRC Fourth Forum Secretariat

Arigatou International

  • Ms. Agneta Ucko, Director, Arigatou International Geneva
  • Ms. Laura Lopez, GNRC Youth Coordinator, Arigatou International Geneva
  • Ms. Meg Gardinier, Director, Arigatou International New York Office
  • Ms. Miyuki Sato, Tokyo Secretariat Staff
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