GNRC Tanzania Executive Summary {January – December 2015}

GNRC Tanzania has implemented the following in its efforts to contribute to maintaining Peace in Tanzania under the different projects:

Amani Kwanza Project (AK)

  • After reaching a Memorandum of Understanding between GNRC, CEFA and IRCPT, AK was initiated and eventually launched as an active and progressive project.
  • In the AK project, four Interfaith Committees were established. These communities have succeed in contributing fairness and peaceful elections through sensitization of the public in 90 wards. Over 400 religious leaders in four regions were sensitized on advocating for an active and peaceful participation to the elections. This led to a smooth and stress free election process in Tanzania.
  • With the help of the Peace Caravan in the country, the AK project has succeeded in organising peace camps/events to raise awareness on development and harmonious approaches. 3,290/7,800 people took part in the peace events.
  • An estimated 600 students have been trained on the Learning To Live Together manual (LTLT), Community Resilience against Violent Extremism (CRAVE) and Good Governance in the lead up to the General Elections.
  • 21,966/4,000,000 people have been reached through the Amani Kwanza multi-media campaign; and a Field study was conducted in Nairobi and Gaborone to understand the requirements to establish a National Early Warning and Response mechanism. Many more will be reached.
  • GNRC Peace Ambassadors and local authority leaders had the opportunity to be interviewed in a local television station on youth participation towards 2015 elections. The show was aired on Star TV and EATV. Additionally, GNRC peace activities were showcased in a recent peace concert. The importance of youth participation in elections was also highlighted in the concert.

Building the Ladder of Peace in Zanzibar Project (FOZ)

  • Endorsement letters were offered from the Ministry of Education, Office of Mufti and Waqf Commission in Zanzibar on the efforts of GNRC’s work in the region. The endorsement worked as an encouragement to the GNRC community on the development programs they have and intend to execute.
  • GNRC was successful in participating in the 19th and 20th September 2015, Zanzibar Peace Conference. The forum brought religious and political leaders and professionals; including the first and second vice presidents of Zanzibar. The essence of the convention was to advocate for peace and development in the region in relation to the coming general elections. GNRC has also conducted 10 District Peace Dialogues to advocate for peace in Zanzibar.
  • A Youth Conference was borne with a peace vision for the youth in Pemba and Unguja. The former President Karume officiated the ceremony.
  • The Leadership Mentorship Program is successfully underway for 25 youth and is set to end on the 19th December 2015.

Norwegian Church Aid (NCA)

  • GNRC was awarded for its “excellent performance and contribution in Youth Empowerment 2005-2015.”
  • Six new peace clubs were established in the year 2015 thus increasing the operation of peace and development in the country.
  • GNRC conducted six forums on “Gender Based Violence and the involvement of people living with disability in community development affairs.” Issues to deal with substance abuse and climate justice were also discussed in the forums. A total of 2800 petitions were signed pertaining to the subject of discussions.
  • The Day of the African Child and International Day of Peace was celebrated in Dare-salaam, Unguja and Pemba.
  • GNRC empowered 12 peace youth ambassadors on the importance of Appreciating Diversity with a particular focus on Discrimination. The trained youth had an opportunity to empower 3 peace clubs in Dare-salaam with same knowledge through interactive techniques introduced by M Carole, a Swiss peace volunteer.
  • GNRC Music Conscious Band was able to perform in the Amani Kwanza Peace Concerts. Interfaith football trainings are also underway for the coming East Africa Cup.
  • GNRC undertook a Climate Justice Caravan in Singida and Kilimanjaro on the ABCs of Climate Justice and Bee-keeping as an Alternative Income Generating Activity.
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