GNRC Europe Meets in Romania

26 persons representing three different religions, Muslim, Christians and Jews, participated in a workshop organized by GNRC Europe in Timisoara, Romania, on 10 and 11 July 2009 in collaboration with the Romanian organization AGRU.

The theme of the workshop was: “ Learning to Live Together: the spirituality that we share”. The group concentrated its work on two specific themes: Appreciating Diversity and Reconciliation.

The workshop was conducted in French and Romanian and was attended by teachers, educators, religious people and people working with youth. It took place in a Catholic Monastery. The facilitators were Ms. Daniela Perian, Ms. Dana Valeanu and Ms. Marta Palma. The program included a visit to the Catholic Greek Church.

In their workshop evaluations, participants reported they would continue to collaborate, expressed enthusiasm about the Learning to Live Together approach, and looked forward to the potential of the GNRC in the nation of Romania.

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