GNRC-Comoros Holds its First Committee Meeting of the Year

The GNRC Coordinator in Comoros, Mr. Said M’Changama convened a 3-hour meeting at the beginning of March 2021 in the Office of His Eminence the Grand Mufti of Comoros to discuss GNRC-Comoros’ annual activity plan for the fiscal year 2021-2022. Eight (8) GNRC members representing their organizations attended the meeting.

The evaluation of the network’s strategic plan was in line with the current global COVID-19 crisis. At the meeting, Mr. M’Changama noted that the different activities of their work plan reflected the strategy of their network that will enable them to contribute to achieving the GNRC Panama Commitments on Ending Violence Against Children.

Members noted that their GNRC physical engagements had drastically declined due to demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, including avoiding social and physical gatherings. Members agreed that they had to do more online and continue their work on spiritual healing of individuals undergoing stress brought about by the pandemic. Members similarly emphasized the need to scale up their efforts towards securing the rights and dignity of children, more so in eliminating all forms of abuse such as online child sexual exploitation and abuse and physical violence against children.

Members shared that they will continue involving more faith leaders and faith communities in the network’s work especially in sensitizing the community against the Coronavirus. As of 1st April 2021, the total COVID-19 cases the country had witnessed were 3,712, with a recovery of 3,538 and 146 deaths.

Likewise members aimed to reach more children and young people through their sensitization program on COVID-19 in schools and Madrasas.

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