GNRC–Bosnia and Herzegovina Commemorates the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children (DPAC)

GNRC–Bosnia and Herzegovina in partnership with UŽ “Mozaik”, World Vision and UNICEF organised an awareness workshop to sensitize children and youth on preventive measures towards ending violence against children. The workshop held on 20th November 2017, themed Stop Violence Against Children, was to celebrate the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children (DPAC). Much emphasis was also put on child rights and the importance of education for children for a brighter future. More than fifty (50) youth and children participated at the one day event which took place at the Visoko municipality.

Representatives from the Visoko Police Department were given the opportunity to educate the participants on safe child upbringing without violence and the importance of abiding by the law. Teachers who were from different schools in Visoko emphasised the virtues of children obeying their elders. The teachers also commended the turnout among children, stating that the children are now becoming aware of their rights and their role towards ending violence against children. The police however pointed out that there is still much effort needed to be done by community stakeholders to sensitize youth and children on the nature of violence against them, adding that many at times children fall victim of violence due to ignorance.

The event concluded with the children offering prayers to the world’s children who are undergoing different forms of violence irrespective of their race or faith.


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