Giving Every Child a Healthy Beginning

Shanti Ashram (a member of GNRC) in partnership with Rotary Heritage launched the first mobile pediatric ambulance and health unit dubbed, “Hospital on Wheels”, in May 2017 in Tamilnadu, India. The launch of the health unit was part of the Rotary Global grant to build an innovative model for child healthcare in Southern India. The Honorable Minister for Municipal Administration of the State, District Collector, the Rotary Governor for 2 states, GNRC 5th Forum participants from India and three hundred (300) community representatives attended the event.

India Ambulance 1

During the event, it was pointed out that in the past children had lost their lives due to lack of attention to proper healthcare and sanitation. The Honorable Minister for Municipal Administration and Rural Development, Shri S.P. Velumani, clarified that the setup of the health unit is in line with sustaining the 30-year Gandhian legacy of serving vulnerable children and ensuring integrated development in the society.

The District Collector also honored the GNRC 5th Forum participants from India for making children’s issues and rights a priority. The pediatric ambulance is set to sustain fifteen thousand (15,000) children that are located in the state of Tamilnadu, India. 


“Beyond overcoming the burden of disease, time has come to augment well child outreach so that the community experiences better child health in India,” – Dr. M. Ramaswamy, Medical Advisor, Masonic Children’s Hospital & Medical Centre.

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