Getting Ready for the Forum

The Hosting Committee and the Forum Secretariat of the GNRC 5th Forum hosted the first training session for the Forum volunteers at the end of March in Panama City, Panama. A total of fifty (50) volunteers from different faith communities in Panama, including Baha’i, Christianity, Islam and Judaism attended the training.

Volunteers were introduced to the theme and sub-themes of the Forum. They were also familiarized with the Forum program after which they were made aware of their responsibilities. The Deputy Protocol Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Francisco Torres, gave general guidelines on international protocols when receiving participants at the airport.

Volunteers will provide support at the Forum and Pre-Forum including: receiving participants at the airport and the hotel, assisting participants with any information related to the Forum and guiding them during the different sessions and activities. The next training session is expected to take place on 22nd April 2017.

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