Exploring Cooperation and Partnerships with Al Azhar, Egypt

During the second Middle East Regional Meeting on 23rd and 24th April 2019 in Amman, Jordan, representatives of Arigatou International, Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali and Rev. Fred Nyabera had a chance to meet delegates from al-Azhar University, Dr. Mohammed Abdel Fadeel and Dr. Reham Abdullah to explore potential avenues of partnerships specifically in inter-religious cooperation, peace buidling and sustainable development.

In the meeting the Secretary General, GNRC, Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali acknowledged Egypt’s oldest university, al-Azhar, and its renowned Sunni Islam’s most prestigious history in teaching. Dr. Ali shared GNRC’s interest to work with al-Azhar University as one of the reputable Islamic Institution in the world. “With al-Azhar’s history in the Islamic World, and outreach to other faiths, Arigatou International wishes to cooperate and partner with al-Azhar,” he stated. Dr. Ali also welcomed the representatives to join the GNRC global network and become part of the broader objective of creating a better world for children.

Dr. Abdel Fadeel commended GNRC Network work in the Middle East, and for organizing the second regional meeting. He stated that al-Azhar University expertise resides in education and mentorship of youth and children, and that in itself can be a common area to work with Arigatou International. He also mentioned that outside the corridors of education, the institution has social responsibility programs pursued to ensure peace for its stakeholders including a commitment to ending violence against children and youth and restoring peace in Middle East and the entire world. He lauded GNRC’s efforts in creating the connection between the two organizations for the betterment of the community.

Rev. Fred Nyabera, Director, Interfaith Initiative to End Child Poverty, welcomed the spirit of partnership and called for further discussions between the two organizations as a step to securing the rights and well-being of children and youth and ultimately attaining global peace.

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