Ethics Education Toolkit Tested Worldwide

Since the GNRC established the Interfaith Council on Ethics Education for Children in May 2002, the Toolkit Working Group and Council Secretariat have been making steady progress on the development of a practical “toolkit” for use in a variety of religious, cultural and educational settings around the world.

The toolkit adopts a highly interactive learning approach where children and young people explore the core ethical principles of respect, reconciliation, empathy and responsibility by discussing the local realities they face in everyday life.

A rigorous interfaith, multicultural testing process has been used in the development of the toolkit. Children and young people from the GNRC network in four world regions have been invited to workshops where they experience the ethics education learning process and then provide feedback to the developers to improve the kit. To date, testing workshops have been held in Sweden, Colombia, India, Switzerland, Japan, and Spain. Young people from the GNRC Arab States have also provided input to the process. Youth participants have represented a broad range of religious traditions: African Indigenous traditions, Baha’I, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam. 

At all the workshops, a variety of thematic activities, games and discussions created an interactive dialogue among the participants that allowed them not only to reencounter themselves but also to discover others in a new way.

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