Ending Violence towards Syrian Children



GNRC Lebanon and Annas Linnas Association held an interactive dialogue and discussions workshop on 23rd March 2016, at Ecole St. Sauveur, Joun, El Chouf, Lebanon. The meeting’s theme the plight of children refugees in the wake of the Syrian crisis aimed at finding ways of supporting the children refugees and provide possible solutions for Peace in Syria.

Participants to the meeting comprised of religious leaders, professionals, youth, community development workers, representatives from academic institutions, non-governmental institutions and government officials. Twenty three (23) participants attended the forum.

Led by the GNRC coordinator in Lebanon, Father Abdo Raad, participants engaged in group discussions, debates, testimonials and evaluation. Fr. Raad explained to the participants about GNRC’s work and its role in creating a better world for children. He added that thousands of children have perished due to the civil war in Syria and if peace won’t prevail then more lives would be lost.

At the end of the forum, participants agreed to make an effort in ending violence towards Syrian children.

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