Prayer and Action for Children – The GNRC Moldova

GNRC Moldova working closely with the Association of Professional Women from Moldova and the Educational Department of the Republic of Moldova had been running an information campaign titled “Learn your rights together with us” through which more than 12 thousands children of 6 to 17 years-old and more than 23 thousand parents/caregivers were informed about children’s rights. Thematic areas tackled included: the right to be informed; the right to contact relatives; the right to participate; the right to express ones opinion and to remain silent; the right to a translator or interpreter; the right to defense; and the right to protection against physical and psychological violence.

Children and parents/caregivers participated in prevention and information sessions that took place in all schools, libraries and kinder gardens in different localities of Moldova. Strategies employed during the campaign included distributing thematic leaflets in Romanian and Russian languages, use of songs, poems, drawing, and playing games.

This campaign reached its climax on November 20, 2015 during the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children (DPAC) with 750 children in attendance. The campaign aimed to inform children and their parents/care-givers about children’s rights and ways to combat violence in kindergarten, in school, in the streets and at home.

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