Children’s Camp on Performing Arts, in Nepal

This was a one day camp. Seventy-five children from grade five to eight participated in this programme on the 5 January. The camp had programmes such as yoga, meditation, discussions, interactions, friendship games and excursion to different places. There was a special session conducted by Dr. C.M. Yogi in which he was highlighting four basic ethical values: respect, empathy, reconciliation and responsibility specially relating with the problems of the present society. The major theme of the discussion was based on “practice of ethical values” with the counter questions of; how far it is possible to practice these values, what are the benefits of practice of such values, why is it essential in present world.

During the programme an art competition was organized to encourage students to understand the four ethical values. The facilitators took responsibility to judge and select first, second and third group.

There were many outcomes of this meeting; some of them can be highlighted as follows;
• Sharing knowledge about ethics education among children through Performing Arts.
• Children being able to share their experience through the art session and discussions.

Written by Mr. Dadhiram Khnal

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