An Invitation to Launch the Compilation and Dissemination of Legal Texts on the Protection of Children and Women in Comoros

At the invitation of the Comorian government, GNRC Member in Comoros, Conseil de la Paix, was invited to a workshop on 24th and 25th of June 2021 to launch the compilation and dissemination of legal texts and literature on the protection of children and women in Comoros. The event aimed at reviewing the legal texts, launch it and make it accessible in the 54 municipalities of the country.

The Comorian government organized the workshop through the National Commissariat for Solidarity, Social Protection and Gender Promotion, supported by the French Embassy in Comoros and UNICEF Comoros Office. A total of 30 participants including experts and representatives from organizations and government agencies attended the event. Conseil de la Paix was represented by its member Mr. Djawad Mohamed.

Comoros Launch the Compilation and Dissemination of Legal Texts July 2021 2

During the two-day event, two national experts, MZE Azad, National Senior Expert on Law, and Ms. Samina Chakira, Doctor of Law and National Junior Expert in Law, facilitated the workshop in front of several civil society organizations, NGOs and other partners working on child protection and human rights. Participants were impressed with the developed literature. They however recommended to the organizers to consider designing an abridged version for public use.

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