A Day with the Parliamentarians on Child Rights, Pakistan

A Day with the Parliamentarians on Child Rights, Pakistan

Search For Justice/CAN Pakistan through GNRC’s support conducted a training workshop for parliamentarians on child rights and child protection in Pakistan. The workshop, which took place in Lahore on 2nd May 2018, was attended by twenty two (22) Members of the Punjab Provincial Assembly including the Provincial Minister, Mrs. Zakia Shahnawaz. Media representatives and Civil Society Organizations also graced the event.

Participants were taught on the rights and responsibilities of the children and the importance of protecting young people from exploitation. The global context on violence against children was also highlighted to help participants understand the great responsibility they have in protecting children from victimization and abuse. Participants were also advised on preventive measures against radicalization and violent extremism.

Participants agreed to take up following advocacy issues requiring legislation, policy formulation and administrative support:

  • Prohibition of Child Domestic Labor (a contemporary form of slavery) in Punjab
  • Formulation of Child Protection Policy in Punjab followed by a plan of action to address all forms of violence against children
  • Increase the minimum age of marriage for girls from 16 to 18 years
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