GNRC Democratic Republic Of Congo Committee Launch

On 2nd February 2023, GNRC Democratic Republic Of Congo (D.R.C) launched its committee in a hybrid event, held in Goma. The event brought together, eighty-six participants, children and adults included. The launch is among many, following efforts toward strengthening and reinvigorating the Network.­

The event started with a word of prayer from Reverend Katakia, and a welcome speech from Mr. Jonas Habimana, Contact Person, GNRC D.R.C.

Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali, Secretary General, GNRC, congratulated GNRC D.R.C on the launch. He encouraged participants to continue putting the lives and interests of children first as they continue working to make modest improvements and contributions to the lives of children. 

Dr. Dorcas Kiplagat, Global Coordinator Network and Programs, GNRC, congratulated GNRC D.R.C for their committee launch and gave a brief presentation about the GNRC.  

Two girls, Kethia and Jemima, shared stories of how the GNRC has helped, empowered, and continues to equip them to empower others. They narrated how they learned to tailor and were equipped with the tools they needed to start a business, which has helped them meet their needs.

Mama Josy, a participant, shared her experience of how Mr. Habimana, through resources provided by the GNRC, helped her provide for her children, and enroll and keep them in school. 

The event ended when Dr. Mustafa pronounced the GNRC D.R.Congo committee officially launched.

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