GNRC Collaborates with Teach Peace Build Peace Movement (TPBPM) in Working Together to Build a Peaceful Society in Philippines

The Teach Peace Build Peace Movement (TPBPM) in Philippines works with volunteers to nurture peace across generations, faiths, culture and networks.

a5bbc3 1c6cbf6594504bcd9eb9018cf9ee8e46TPBPM aims to build the capacities of its volunteers to have more reach in creating awareness about the importance of building peace, one child, one school, and one community at a time.

On December 12th to 13th 2015, TPBPM organized a forum dubbed, “Peace Journey” targeting its volunteers. The sessions were meant to help volunteers to engage in introspection so as to push them out of their comfort zones, enabling them to work with cross-functional groups as well as deepen their understanding about peace and the value of intergenerational peace building.

One of the themes of the forum was “My Life, My Purpose, My Journey” which involved going back to oneself, understanding how one’s behavior influences others and the importance of ‘self ’ in advocating for peace. The second theme was “Working together in building a peaceful society” which focused on teamwork. This session was meant to help volunteers to press on in advocating for peace despite persistent challenges.

A total of 40 participants were able to interact freely with one another, learn from one another and were an inspiration to one another. Volunteers were also able to deepen their understanding about peace advocacy and they renewed their commitment to the TPBPM movement, promising to inspire others to join the movement.

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