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Changing Communities and Impacting Lives 

GNRC Bosnia and Herzegovina 

“Our motivation to work with children on the move is founded in the essence of interreligious dialogue, peace, love, togetherness and the empathy we have for them. We desire to create a safe space, respecting all differences, attitudes and opinions.

 ~ Ms. Ismeta Salihspahic 

On the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children, 2022, held in Rome by Arigatou International’s Prayer and Action initiative, GNRC Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), won the award for the Wear My Shoes Campaign. The award is a recognition of the work by GNRC BiH to create a safe space for children on the move (refugees) within the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

Guided by their work to promote unity and interreligious dialogue among children and youth, GNRC BiH was inspired to help children on the move. They carried out interreligious dialogues that saw religious leaders and community members come together to raise awareness of the problems faced by refugees. They also carried out workshops with children from different local communities and provided food and hygiene items to the children on the move, to promote inclusion. 

“We want to create a safe space for children on the move from Syria, Afghanistan, and Ukraine, due to the discrimination they are facing from the local communities.“ – Ms. Ismeta Salihspahic, Coordinator, GNRC BiH.

Winning the award set GNRC BiH apart in the local community as a promoter of working with children as well as helped them receive donations to facilitate their work from the City of Visoko. People in their community gave personal donations, volunteered, and sent their children to take part in their workshops. Winning the campaign opened up opportunities for GNRC BiH to partner with major organizations to support children and youths.  

Ms. Ismeta and Ms. Zvonimira Jakic, Youth Coordinator, GNRC BiH, established a committee of experts to continue implementing activities in accordance with their set goals. This is to sustain the progress of their work in creating safe spaces for children on the move. 

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