Empowering Children with Disability in Montenegro

GNRC member Djeca Crne Gore-Children of Montenegro focuses on children and youth living with disability. Since 2016, we have provided sessions for children with psychologists, speech therapists, social workers, and personal assistants, free of charge, with support from donors. This is because it is a challenge to get experts who can work with children in areas where most people speak Albanian. Aside from the language barrier, large class sizes prevent individualized learning plans for children in public schools, raising the potential for bullying.

Despite challenges posed by COVID-19, we assisted twenty-one families whose children received daily hour-long individual treatments. We organized ten workshops with families to help them overcome stress and come to terms with their children’s unique situations. The workshops helped them establish self-care so they can be of more support to their children. The parents also learned how to play with their children and stimulate their development. Additionally, we organized training for forty teachers on how to tailor educational plans to individual children, as well as develop transitional plans for those entering secondary school. 

Our future plans include building stronger connections with institutions and practitioners to better respond to needs and engaging more local authorities.

I am most grateful that our efforts are being recognized countrywide, and I feel privileged to have been awarded the Iskra Philanthropy Award, a special recognition for civic contribution to the common good. 

Sabra Decević
Coordinator, GNRC Montenegro

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