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Argentina Shares a Message from Adolfo Pérez Esquivel for the GNRC Fourth Forum

This is a message from Adolfo Pérez Esquivel on the role of religions in overcoming poverty in the world. This interview took place at the Youth Village for Peace, of SERPAJ ARGENTINA Foundation, in Pilar, Buenos Aires. It was done under the Tree of Dreams, where youth leave their dreams in writing on the branches, to make them come true.Interviewer: Ana De Medio, Coordinator, GNRC ARGENTINA.

In this video (Spanish only) Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureat  celebrates the unity in diversity of religions that call on the spirit of life. He asks: Why are there so many poor? Why so many children living on the streets? Why do we pass them by indifferently to the pain the children are suffering? He calls on religions to overcome poverty attacking the causes that maintain it. It is a heartfelt call to all religions to solidarity, a worldwide campaign against exploitation, changing structures of injustice for societies where there is more justice, more solidarity, more fraternity.

Sent by Ana de Medio
GNRC Argentina