Youth Groups

A GNRC youth is a young GNRC member actively engaged in the work and activities of the GNRC Network. More than one GNRC youth may form a GNRC Youth Group with the aim of:

  • Practically applying and transmitting the learnings and values of the GNRC
  • In consultation with the GNRC Country Coordinator, help mobilize faith-inspired resources at the youth level
  • Collaborate with other GNRC members
  • Mentor younger youth/ children
  • Mobilize other youth into an exchange of ideas and lessons learned
  • Promote respect, cooperation, and appreciation in your community
  • Practice ethical values through volunteerism, action, and service

What is a GNRC Youth Group?

A GNRC youth group is a group of young GNRC members, who have been or are part of the GNRC activities in their countries and who come together to undertake or  support activities related to peace, ethics, social issues and promotion of children’s welfare.

GNRC Youth Groups are facilitated by the GNRC Country Coordinators, and supported by the GNRC Youth Coordinator and the GNRC Network and Programs Manager.