Youth Around the World

GNRC youth are involved in diverse projects around the world, which vary from country to country according to the challenges faced in their respective communities. Some of the topics addressed in their work include: violence against children and young people, racism and discrimination, violent extremism, addictions, HIV/AIDS stigma, poverty and exclusion. In many countries GNRC youth have become strong advocates for Learning to Live Together. An Intercultural and Interfaith Programme for Ethics Education, developed by Arigatou International in close collaboration with UNICEF and UNESCO and launched in 2008.

Another major focus of the work by GNRC youth is Prayer and Action for Children. Celebrated around Universal Children’s Day on 20th November, young people from around the GNRC globally sum efforts to mobilize for the rights of children. Awareness-raising and thematic campaigns, social and educational projects, interfaith prayers…GNRC youth take part in these celebrations through their deep belief in the power of people coming together to pray and join forces to act for the full realization of the rights of the child.

Driven by its conviction of the essential role young people play in bringing about transformation in their own lives and communities, the Global Network of Religions for Children provides the framework where these youth can make their voices heard and become agents of social change. Children, young people and adults all work together as members of the GNRC to actively promote the message of peace and mutual understanding in their countries. Their work is supported by the respective GNRC Country Coordinators. The GNRC Youth Coordinator facilitates the effective participation of young people in the network worldwide, and coordinates their initiatives and activities at international level.